Thursday, July 25, 2013

Join the Alumni!

Hi guys!

Had fun during the 1.5 years you had in Photog?
Join the Alumni as a member or nominate your friend to be part of the future Alumni Exco!

What we do:
- Meet up for coffee and talk cock watch clouds pass by
- Photo outings
- Mentorship programme

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hi guys,

Today is the last time that I'm attending a Photog Club meeting.

It has been 7 long years. Thank you for the many wonderful memories.

Every year I have to fill up this form to indicate whether I would like a change of CCA or to take up new responsibility. There wasn't the option of reducing responsibility but yet staying in the same CCA.

Well being the unconventional me, I created my own option on the form, last year. ie to step down as in-charge but still want to stay in Photog.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because I want you guys to know that I am not leaving Photog for another CCA.

I am leaving Photog because I am leaving MJ.

I loved being in Photog because it is the platform for me to talk about things that are close to my heart. Inner life issues such as self-worth, pride, relationships, identity etc...

As much as I would like to stay on to mentor you guys and be a part of your journey, and you guys know how much I enjoyed talking about life with you all, but my most important mentees are still my sons.

I am not ashamed to say that I do not have the capacity to do what I envision myself to do, without sacrificing my family time.

I am moving on so that I can do what I am called to do and be an involved dad in my sons' lives.

Always remember the fundamentals of life and make sure the fundamentals are right.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eunice is Singa the Courtesy Lion!

Hi guys!

I recently just volunteered to be the mascot for Singapore Kindness Movement 2013, and we'll be flash mobbing around the island TOMORROW.

If you see a dancing Singa the courtesy lion, it's probably me.

So come down and support me at these timings -
(Or just take lots of unglam shots of me)

11am - 11.30am Siglap South CC
12.30pm - 1pm Vivocity Atrium
3.30pm - 4pm Bugis Junction Fountain
4.30pm - 5pm Ion Orchard pedestrian area


Thursday, April 11, 2013


After months of preparation, the camp is finally round the corner and we are genuinely excited for it!

Here's the schedule:

Day One

2.30 pm - Camp Committee report to photog room for final briefing
3.00 pm - Campers report for camp
3.15 am - Briefing (safety and code of conduct)
3.35 pm - Checking into bunks
3.50 pm - Ice breakers
4.30 pm - Creation of group cheers and brainstorming for showcase showdown
5.30 pm - Briefing for night photography outing
6.00 pm - Travel to MBS and Gardens by the Bay
6.45 pm - Dinner
7.00 pm - Night Photography outing
9.30 pm - Travel back to school
10.15 pm - Supper/ bathe
11.30 pm - Lights out

Day Two

7.00 am - Rise and Shine/ wash up
7.30 am - Physical training
8.15 am - Breakfast
8.50 am - Rotation lesson
10.20 am - Running man
12.20 pm -  Lunch
1.20 pm - Photo editing lesson
2.30 pm - Photog marathon
3.45 pm - Preparation of showcase showdown
5.00 pm - Checking out of bunks
5.10 pm - Showcase Showdown
5.40 pm - Buffer time
5.50 pm - Debrief
6.00 pm - Dismiss

I can't wait to have fun!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Le Automatic Photo Studio aka MJC Open House '13

Hihi J1s (if you're reading this space), you don't know me, and I don't you (yet), but if you swung by MJC's Open House, you'd have noticed a self-declared "Automatic Photo Studio" that supposedly tracks your movement and takes your photo as you walk past the camera *sweatdrops*

Anyway, here's a "blast from the past" with the pics if you missed it! (Yes, it's already mid-March but sorry la, film photography takes a longer time to reach the realm of the Internet.. finishing the roll and developing and scanning and all :X) 

Anyway, exco alumni whoever post something leh, I feel like I'm talking to myself .__.

Much Love,